30 killed by Russia missile strike on Ukraine apartment building

30 killed by Russia missile strike on Ukraine apartment building

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Russia missile strike Ukraine

As first responders searched through the debris of an apartment building for survivors and dead on Sunday, the death toll from a Russian missile strike in the city of Dnipro in the southeast reached 30.

At least 73 people were hurt, according to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, after explosions on Saturday tore through the building’s nine floors and injured an estimated 1,700 occupants.

Zelenskyy said that it was feasible to save dozens of injured and traumatized persons. Children can be found there; the youngest female is 3 years old.

By Sunday afternoon, 39 individuals had been saved, while 43 people were listed as missing by the Dnipro municipal government.

According to Zelenskyy, more than 20 of the 30 missiles fired at Ukrainian targets were intercepted. The attacks also hit Kharkiv in the northeast and Kyiv, the nation’s capital. An ongoing feature of Russian assaults in recent months has been the destruction of energy infrastructure.

As he cleared the debris, a local named Artem Myzychenko declared, “This is certainly terrorism and all of this is just not human.”

Zelenskyy stated that repair workers would put in nonstop effort to restart power production.

On the battlefield, the enemy will undoubtedly witness our retaliation (to the strikes), according to Zelenskyy. “Our troops will carry that out.”


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