Celine Dion’s sister gives an update on the singer’s stiff-person syndrome battle

Celine Dion’s

Celine Dion’s sister gives an update on the singer’s stiff-person syndrome battle

Celine Dion’s family and close friends are coming together to support the renowned global superstar as she faces the challenges of living with stiff-person syndrome, a rare neurological disorder.

After postponing her Courage world tour, Celine’s sister, Claudette Dion, 74, recently shared some insights into the Grammy Award-winning artist’s life away from the spotlight. In a heartfelt interview with Le Journal de Montréal, Claudette revealed that Celine is determined and hardworking in her battle against the condition.


“Celine is actively engaging with the leading researchers who are studying this rare disease,” Claudette shared, emphasizing her sister’s commitment to understanding and managing the illness.


The journey began in December 2022 when Celine Dion, 55, had to postpone numerous European tour dates and spring 2023 concerts due to her diagnosis of stiff-person syndrome. She candidly informed her devoted fans through a touching video statement posted on social media, both in French and English.


Stiff-person syndrome is an autoimmune disorder affecting the nervous system, often causing severe muscle stiffness and spasms in the lower extremities and back, as defined by the Mayo Clinic.

Despite the heartbreaking decision to put the tour on hold, Celine’s unwavering spirit shone through her announcement as she assured her fans that she would not give up. “I can’t wait to see you all again,” she expressed with optimism and determination.


Claudette further revealed that her sister requires rest during this challenging time. Celine has always been known for her unwavering dedication and strength, constantly pushing herself to be the best.

However, Claudette emphasized the importance of listening to one’s body and heart, acknowledging that even someone as strong as Celine needs to heed the signals and prioritize self-care.


Although the statistics show the rarity of the disorder, Celine’s loved ones remain hopeful and positive about her ability to fight and overcome the condition. They have no shortage of faith in her resilience and discipline, describing her as a person who excels in every aspect of her life.

While a cure may be elusive, Celine’s loved ones believe that offering hope and support can make a significant difference. They are united in their unwavering encouragement for her, knowing that she has the strength and determination to confront the challenges that lie ahead.


In the face of adversity, Celine Dion’s enduring spirit serves as an inspiration to many, and her journey reminds us all of the importance of love, support, and hope in difficult times.

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