Chris Rock takes a dig at the Royal Family Calling Them The Original Racists & Colonizers

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Chris Rock takes a dig at the Royal Family

Chris Rock’s statement that the royal family are original racists and colonizers is both a factual and powerful one. Although it can be seen as harsh, it is a reminder that colonialism and racism are tied in with the royal family’s legacy, and that we should not forget this history as we acknowledge their modern roles in society.

Although the royal family no longer hold political power in Britain, their presence is still deeply engrained in many aspects of British culture, including the currency, the national anthem and the protection of historical monuments. This means that they still maintain an influence over public life and, to some extent, public perception.

The original colonizers of what is now Britain were the Romans, who began their military conquest of England in 43 CE. This conquest lasted for over four centuries, during which time, native Britons were subjected to increasing cultural domination, often paying taxation and tolls to the Romans. By 400 CE, the Romans had withdrawn from Britain, but their legacy was in place.

Racism and colonialism were part of the Roman legacy, as the overt subjugation and racial subjugation of the vanquished tribes throughout the course of their rule. This same legacy was continued when the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings arrived in England in the 5th and 6th centuries. These two groups eventually established the system of monarchy in the United Kingdom, which is still in place today.

Hence, Chris Rock’s statement that the royal family are original racists and colonizers is historically accurate. Not only were they of Anglo-Saxon and Viking descent, but they also maintained a system of government with a basis in featuring racial subjugation and racial division. This also applies to the monarchy’s modern reign, as the royal family maintains a hierarchical structure with titles and symbols of privilege that are rooted in racism and colonialism.

In conclusion, Chris Rock’s statement about the royal family is based on facts and is an important reminder that colonialism and racism still exist in many forms today. Although the royal family may have modernized the titles and roles they have in the United Kingdom, it important that we remain aware of their original position of being among the first conquerors of England and their role in the spread of racism and colonialism.

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