Prince Harry’s lawsuit against a British newspaper publisher is set to begin trial in May, a judge ordered.

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Prince Harry

A High Court hearing against the publisher of a tabloid newspaper over claims of phone hacking will center on the Duke of Sussex.

A number of well-known people have filed lawsuits for damages against Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) over alleged illegal information collecting at its publications, including Prince Harry.

The estate of the late singer George Michael, singer Cheryl, ex-footballer and television presenter Ian Wright, and actor Ricky Tomlinson are among the other well-known figures connected to the case.


On May 9, the trial is scheduled to start and last for six to seven weeks.

Seven “representative” applicants were picked as “test cases” at a hearing in London on Wednesday.

The duke’s claim should be one of those that be tried, Mr. Judge Fancourt concluded, calling it a “obvious selection” due to the length of time and the involvement of 24 private investigators in it.

In Harry’s case, it is alleged that data from 148 articles that were published between 1996 and 2010 was obtained illegally, including through phone hacking, the court heard earlier on Wednesday.

According to the judge, there should only be roughly 33 articles taken into consideration during the trial.

Based on what he has read and heard in court, he stated that Harry’s case is also one that “will not settle,” adding, “Therefore it will have to be tried at some stage and might as well be tried now.”

David Sherborne, speaking for Harry would be the sole witness for his claim, according to the claimants.


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