Sarkodie replies Yvonne Nelson in new song ‘Try Me’

Sarkodie & Yvonne Nelson

      Sarkodie replies Yvonne Nelson in new song ‘Try Me’

      Sarkodie has addressed the allegations made by Yvonne Nelson regarding their alleged pregnancy and subsequent disagreement. In Yvonne Nelson’s recently published book, “I Am Not Yvonne,” she accused the Ghanaian rapper of impregnating her and not taking responsibility, as he had suggested she abort the pregnancy.

      In response, Sarkodie released a new song titled “Try Me” where he addresses the situation. He clarifies that he was not the only one advocating for an abortion and reveals that Yvonne Nelson had mentioned her inability to keep the pregnancy due to being in school at the time.


      Sarkodie raps, “I never thought I was going on this wave, ’cause I was ready to take a couple of things to my grave. First of all, let me clap for you, baby, you are brave, but you can’t pick and choose what to say, please behave. Nobody sent you, so Ohemaa if you want to talk, you have to tell the world every n*gga that you f*cked.”


      He continues, acknowledging their past involvement, but emphasizes that he suggested keeping the pregnancy while Yvonne Nelson insisted on completing her education. He expresses disbelief in her claim and mentions offering support through a doctor, only for her to suggest a friend’s recommended doctor.


      Sarkodie concludes by stating that he wants to clarify that he was not the one pressuring her for an abortion, as that was the aspect of the situation that angered him the most.

      The song was released on June 28, 2023, at 1:4 am, and Sarkodie shared the link to the song on his YouTube channel.



      Yvonne Nelson Respond to Sarkodie on Twitter


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