Shakira put up a witch mannequin on her balcony facing her ex mother-in-law’s house

Shakira put up a witch mannequin on her balcony facing her ex mother-in-law’s house

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Shakira & witch mannequin

The Colombian singer and songwriter, Shakira, has recently been seen with a peculiar decoration hanging off her balcony: a witch mannequin. Many have questioned the reasoning behind this mostly overlooked piece of decoration, as those closest to Shakira claim that she has always had a holistic interest in solutions and solutions towards life’s mysteries.

Shakira has stated that this piece of decoration has spiritual significance, although many are left confused as to what exactly this significance is. Many have speculated that the witch mannequin is meant to be a guardian of sorts, a protector, a sign of good luck, or general spiritual comfort and solace for the singer. Still, the reasons why Shakira chose to dangle this particular doll over her balcony remain a mystery.

Shakira’s reverence for the unknown and mysterious transcends even through her music, which often explores themes of metaphysics, love, and her ongoing spiritual journey. Her symbolism within her music further supports the belief that she has a profound understanding of spiritual matters, not only for herself but for all. Through the motto “Do Good and Be Good”, Shakira has always promoted acts of kindness and the spreading of joy that result from it.

The witch mannequin decorating her balcony could easily be seen as a direct representation of these convictions and of Shakira’s understanding of the power of human potential. It remains unclear why Shakira chose to place this particular decoration at her balcony, but it is easy to imagine that she was attempting to create a connection between her spirituality and her art. Perhaps, the doll serves to remind the singer that she is allowed to explore outside the physical.

In conclusion, the witch mannequin hanging off Shakira’s balcony remains a mystery to many. It is a symbol of her exploration of the spiritual and the unknown, her ongoing quest for understanding and peace. Although the exact reasoning behind the decoration is unclear, it is evident that this piece of furniture is a sign of respect for the mysteries that exist beyond our realm of understanding.

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