Tragedy Strikes as Building Collapse Claims Seven Lives at Displaced Camp in Borno State, Nigeria

Borno State, Nigeria

Tragedy Strikes as Building Collapse Claims Seven Lives at Displaced Camp in Borno State, Nigeria


Tragedy struck as a building crumbled within a displaced camp in Borno State, Nigeria, claiming the lives of seven individuals and leaving two others injured. The heart-wrenching incident occurred on Monday evening, following heavy rains that had lashed the region the previous day.


The building, which had been repurposed as a classroom to shelter internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the town of Monguno, collapsed around 7:30 PM GMT.

Musa Kaka, a leader of the anti-jihadist militia, conveyed the grim news, revealing that the accident had taken a severe toll on the camp’s residents. “Seven lives were tragically lost in the incident, and two more are currently undergoing treatment at a local hospital,” he shared with a heavy heart.


Monguno, situated 135 kilometers (about 85 miles) away from the regional capital Maiduguri, serves as a refuge for numerous IDPs who had fled their homes to escape the relentless grip of jihadist violence. Living in makeshift shelters guarded by both military personnel and local militias, these individuals have sought safety amidst the chaos.


The affected building, which once housed a secondary school, had become a haven for approximately 5,000 displaced individuals.


The structure had previously been weakened by a fire outbreak, and the relentless downpour on Sunday exacerbated its condition, leading to the tragic collapse. Bello Adamu, another dedicated militiaman, confirmed the details, echoing the same heartbreaking toll.


A resident of the camp, Ahmad Babangida, shared the somber news of the victims’ final resting place. The seven souls lost in the incident were laid to rest on Tuesday, a ceremony attended by friends, families, and fellow residents.


Babangida recounted the personal impact of the tragedy, revealing the plight of his friend’s family: “Among the seven deceased, was my friend’s young son, while his wife now grapples with a fractured leg in the hospital.”

The lamentable incident once again underscores the ongoing challenges faced by Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation. Building collapses remain a recurrent occurrence, often attributed to the use of substandard materials, negligence, and inadequate enforcement of construction regulations.


As the nation continues to strive for progress, addressing these critical issues becomes an imperative to prevent further loss of life and ensure the safety and well-being of its people.”


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