<strong>Tyler Perry Becomes New Owner of BET, VH1</strong>

Tyler Perry

      Tyler Perry Becomes New Owner of BET, VH1

      Acclaimed actor, filmmaker, and playwright Tyler Perry has made headlines by acquiring BET and VH1 in a deal worth $750 million. This move comes as no surprise, given Perry’s longstanding relationship with BET since the launch of his successful streaming service, BET+, in 2017. With this acquisition, Perry adds two influential African American-owned media properties to his portfolio, namely BET, a cable network with over 40 years of history, and VH1, a music-oriented network with over 30 years of experience.

      Perry has expressed his commitment to continuing to showcase positive and uplifting stories of Black people through these networks. He plans to invest in new programming and technology, ensuring that BET and VH1 remain at the forefront of the industry.


      This acquisition marks a significant milestone for the African American community, highlighting Perry’s achievements as a businessman and creative powerhouse, while also underscoring the increasing influence and power of the African American community within the entertainment industry.


      Regarding the future of BET and VH1 under Perry’s ownership, it is too early to provide specific details. However, we can anticipate certain developments. Firstly, Perry is likely to maintain his focus on producing original content that resonates with Black audiences, leveraging his successful track record in this domain.

      Secondly, he may explore new technology and distribution platforms, potentially expanding BET+ into a global streaming service and seeking innovative ways to reach broader audiences. Lastly, Perry is expected to continue championing diversity and inclusion, utilizing his platforms to effect positive change in the entertainment industry.


      Overall, Tyler Perry’s acquisition of BET and VH1 represents a significant and positive step forward for the African American community and the broader entertainment industry. With his business acumen and creative vision, Perry is poised to utilize his ownership of these networks to continue sharing impactful stories that uplift and inspire Black audiences.

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